LOOP Wizard - Flexible Nylon Threading Needle

LOOP Wizard - Flexible Nylon Threading Needle

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Have you ever tried to re-thread your favorite hoodie, sweatpants or sweatshirt? The vast majority of us have had to throw out our trusted old favs because it's virtually impossible to re-thread a drawstring through those tiny thread holes once it's been lost. Luckily, the Loop Wizard flexible nylon threading needle is the solution for you! A quick and easy way to pull drawstrings, ribbons, and elastic through garment channels, this handy tool is perfect for sweatshirts, sewing, craft projects, jackets, bathing suits, sweatpants, pajamas and even boots. Save yourself money, time and lots of frustration because with the Loop Wizard, you can restring all your clothes.

The instructions are to simply insert the cord to be replaced into the LOOP Wizard's tip opening and slide the LOOP Wizard throught to the other side. Presto - you're done and your garment is ready to wear!



  • Easy to use
  • Threading needle is made of flexible nylon
  • A quick way to pull cords, ribbons and elastic through any garment
  • Replace missing strings or change styles for a new fashion look in seconds

What's Included: 

  • One (1) 8-inch nylon loop needle
  • One (1) 12-inch nylon loop needle

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