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i-Zoom Assorted 30 Piece Battery Set

i-Zoom Assorted 30 Piece Battery Set

$19.99 Retail Price

It can be really difficult to find the right type of battery for the watch you bought 4 years ago, the fire alarm you didn’t know needed a battery, or the special calculator you had to get for your child’s math class. Why not make these situations easier and order this thirty-piece set of assorted high-powered batteries?

Next time your watch goes dead you’ll be able to replace it immediately. You won’t have to go looking through the store asking sales associates where this specific, yet unheard of, battery size might be located.

Make things easier on yourself and stock up.



  • High powered
  • For watches, games, calculators, radios, cameras, remote controls, etc
  • Thirty pieces
  • Sizes: AG1/364, AG3/392, AG4/377, AG5/393, AG12/386, AG13/357



  • Read equipment instructions carefully and be sure to install batteries correctly observing + and - signs
  • Check batteries periodically and remove when not in use for long periods of time
  • Replace all batteries in equipment at the same time
  • Store and keep away from metal objects which may cause batteries to short


What's Included:

  • Thirty (30) pieces in sizes: AG1/364, AG3/392, AG4/377, AG5/393, AG12/386, AG13/357
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