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Red Cup Insulated Drink Holder-Proceed to Party!

Red Cup Insulated Drink Holder-Proceed to Party!

$14.99 Retail Price

We have all been to "red cup" parties: the parties where they pass around a black marker for you to write your name on a cup, but the marker always gets lost an hour in, and it becomes a germs and bacteria free for all. People switch cups or confuse their cup with someone elses numerous times. 

Not only do red cups become the culprit for passing around colds, but red cups also won't keep your drink warm when you want it warm and cold when you want it cold. These proceed to party- red cup insulated drink holders will make it clear which beverage is yours and they will keep your drink the appropriate temperature! Get your cold preventative and full drink enjoyment cup for parties today!



  • Fun, familiar red cup design
  • Durable, densely insulated foam
  • Keeps warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold
  • Holds 12 oz. bottles & cans, or cups (up to 16 oz.)


What's Included:

  • One (1) drink holder
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