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3 Pack: Mini Stylus Pens for Capacitative Touch Screens

3 Pack: Mini Stylus Pens for Capacitative Touch Screens

$19.99 Retail Price

Touch screen technology has been amazing when it comes to smartphones. It’s simple, easy, convenient, and quiet. However, we know not everyone enjoys the fingerprinted screen. It can look messy and generally unappealing.

Remove the eyesore from your screen by getting a stylus pen. Coming in a three pack, you will have enough to give one to a friend and have an extra for any other touch screen items you may have: kindle, iPad, iPod, etc.

Designed to emulate the touch of a fingertip, the stylus pens will allow you to navigate through your electronics swiftly. Especially great for people who haven’t gotten used to using a touch screen, these pens can make texting and dialing much easier. No more constant texting frustration and accidental wrong numbers.

Great for women with long fingernails too!

Another added bonus, the compact design allows you to easily fit a stylus pen in your bag or pocket. Featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can even attach the stylus pen to your phone by simply plugging it in.



  • Great as a replacement or spare stylus
  • Allows you to navigate your phone's features with precisions
  • Small and compact design so you can take it anywhere
  • Compatible with all touch screen devices: iPad, Kindle, smartphone, iPhone, etc.
  • Attaches to your keychain or plugs into your phone's 3.5mm headphone jack

What's Included:

  • Three (3) mini touchscreen stylus pens - assorted colors