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Men's 9 Piece Travel Grooming Kit

Men's 9 Piece Travel Grooming Kit

$29.99 Retail Price

Grooming habits are important to most partners of either gender. Woman shave their legs and pluck their eyebrows while men should be sure to do some general upkeep of their facial hair. This nine piece grooming kit is an ideal purchase for a man trying to maintain a clean cut appearance or woman prepared to gift it to a male in need of better grooming habits.

Including a carrying case, this grooming set is perfect for travel. Pack it in a gym bag for post workout maintenance or store it in the car for 5 o'clock shadow emergencies.

Enjoy the confidence and clean cut look that goes along with a well groomed appearance.




  • A great gift set for any traveling man
  • Compact and easy to transport


What's Included:

  • One (1) finger nail clipper
  • One (1) toe nail clipper
  • One (1) three in one multi-function tool
  • One (1) comb
  • One (1) brush
  • One (1) mirror
  • One (1) nail file
  • One (1) travel case