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Heavy Duty Egg Cracker and Separator

Heavy Duty Egg Cracker and Separator

$29.99 Retail Price

Baking can be such a fun activity! You can cook with a significant other, with your parent, or with your kids. Making a meal together is something everyone can enjoy. However nothing ruins a set of brownies more than a shattered eggshell going into the mix. People have different experience levels when it comes to baking but there’s no reason you can’t cook together.

This egg cracker is especially useful when it comes to baking with your children. Simply place the egg inside and a perfectly cracked egg is the result every time. No more oopsies when your child is wanting to help but hasn’t quite yet mastered bowl side egg cracking.

Amazingly, this egg cracker also separates egg whites from egg yolks. Perfect for the health conscious eater, make delicious egg white omelets without a hassle. This egg cracker is ideal for removing the shell from hard boiled eggs too!




  • Quickly separates eggs for easy cracking
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty design
  • Compact storage
  • Seperate egg whites
  • Strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds


What's Included:

  • One (1) egg cracker


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