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Electric American Era Wine Bottle Opener
Electric American Era Wine Bottle Opener Electric American Era Wine Bottle Opener

Electric American Era Wine Bottle Opener

$44.99 Retail Price

People all over the world enjoy the “after work” glass of wine with a friend or someone special.  It lets you unwind and relax. You might even get through the day looking forward to your glass in hand chat at the table or on the couch.

Most days your plans probably go unhindered but every now and then, and I think everyone has had this happen, your corkscrew breaks. There is absolutely nothing bad about a bottle of wine, but everything is wrong with a bottle of wine you can’t get open. There are some maneuvers that occasionally work: you can push the cork all the way into the bottle or you might be able to pry the cork out with a knife. While these solutions might eventually get you glass in hand after an hour or so, you can prevent all future occurrences of this annoying mishap by getting an electric wine bottle opener like this one.

This battery operated wine bottle opener will uncork all kinds of wine bottles in a matter of seconds with the touch of a button.

Never be frustrated opening a wine bottle ever again! Wine drinking made even easier!



  • Cordless operation (Requires 4 AA batteries - not included)
  • 6v voltage
  • Opens all kinds of wine bottles
  • Includes foil cutter
  • Ultra-sleek black color


What's Included:

  • One (1) wine bottle opener and foil cutter


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