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Deskercise 6LB Sand-Filled Mini Fitness & Exercise Ball

Deskercise 6LB Sand-Filled Mini Fitness & Exercise Ball

$35.99 Retail Price

Being in shape and being sedentary at a desk, don’t work together.  Luckily the Deskercise 6 lb. Sand-Filled Exercise Ball is here to do the trick.  Fitting comfortably into the palm, this exercise ball is great at the desk for all types of toning exercises.  But it’s not just for the desk, take it with to the gym or keep it at home and use it for a multitude of fitness exercises.


  • Small spherical size makes it easy for holding
  • Great for strength training, yoga, and pilates
  • 6 lbs: Ideal weight for all levels of exercise

What's Included:

  • One (1) Deskercise exercise ball
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