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Wet or Dry Micro Shaver
Wet or Dry Micro Shaver Wet or Dry Micro Shaver Wet or Dry Micro Shaver

Wet or Dry Micro Shaver

$34.99 Retail Price

Mornings can be anxiety filled and faced paced, especially on those days when you press snooze one too many times. This wet or dry micro shaver is waterproof allowing you to shave in the shower. This can speed up your morning prep routine and take five to ten minutes off your allotted get ready time. A quicker prep time means you can press that snooze button one more time before you're going to be late.

Five extra minutes of sleep isn't much when you think about it, but we all know that are foggy morning minds don't care. They take control of our hands and press the snooze button regardless.

Featuring an independent micro-foil floating head system that glides along the contours of your face for a closer and cleaner shave each time, eliminate scruff in minutes.

Give yourself one more push of the snooze button and order today!



  • Wet/dry shaver with cleaning brush
  • Independent floating head system
  • Provides a closer shave
  • Battery-operated
  • Great for home or travel
  • Includes cover


What's Included:

  • One (1) micro shaver
  • One (1) cleaning brush
  • One (1) protective cover
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