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Sunbeam 5 Function Deluxe Dual Head Shower Massager

Sunbeam 5 Function Deluxe Dual Head Shower Massager

$59.99 Retail Price

It's 6 in the morning. The alarm has just gone off and up until today you normally would have stuck your head under the pillow and tried to ignore that annoying buzzing. What's different? Now you get to start your day with a massage. No, Helga or Sven aren't coming, but you do you have this fabulous Sunbeam 5 Function Deluxe Dual Head Shower Massager waiting for you. With it's 5 unique spray settings, it will feel like tiny little fingers working away at your body to invigorate, rejuvenate and get you ready to face the day. Now that's something to get out of bed for.


  • 3-way shower head system
  • 5 unique shower spray settings
  • Use as a standard shower head or as a handheld sprayer
  • Easy to install


What's Included:

  • One (1) 3-way diverter mount
  • Two (2) shower heads
  • One (1) 5' stainless steel flexible hose
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