Electronic Bug Zapper by Home Innovations

Electronic Bug Zapper by Home Innovations

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Bugs make the majority of people uncomfortable.  They are creepy and crawly and often times play a part in the dramatics of horror movies. Anyone else remember those Egyptian scarabs in the Mummy? Thankfully those horrible black bugs dont really dig into peoples flesh, but still, who would be comfortable in a room with a bug like that crawling around.

Most of the time you are able to keep bugs like these and their more annoying flying counterparts, insects, out of your house. However, they can on occasion sneak past the defenses of your home. What are you to do? This electronic bug zapper is ideal for indoor use! Place this in your home in the room where youve felt the uncomfortable presence of mosquitos or flies and it will take care of the issue without you getting any blood on your hands.


  • Covers an area up to 320 feet
  • Kills insects, mosquitoes, and annoying bugs
  • No odor
  • No chemicals
  • Clean and hygienic-no mess
  • 6 foot long UL approved ac cord and plug
  • Cost effective: consumes little electricity

What's Included:

  • One (1) electronic bug zapper
  • One (1) cleaning brush

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